Where am I now ? “Literally, in a cafe in Munich”

As many of you know, it has been a difficult few months for me rehabilitating a hamstring tear.
I have never torn my hamstring before so I was careful with my rehabilitation and followed the strict guidelines by the medical team looking after me.

After initially being told the injury would take 3 months until I was back into full training, it has in fact turned out to be 6!

Sometimes the human body can be difficult to understand and this is just how it is. I didn’t take massive risks this year in my opinion because the unquestionable focus would have to be the Rio Olympic Games over Beijing. Pushing too much too soon would have most probably seen me racing much earlier but with also higher risks of a re-occurance.

I would like to compete at Beijing for the WC still and that has always been my intention, especially believing that my injury would only sit me out for 3 months.

This is where I am today. The Sainsbury Anniversary Games are this weekend and despite closing the 2014 season as a top 5 in the world ranked athlete and a double medalist, there is no lane for me among the 16 other athletes racing this weekend.

Other athletes have been racing since the beginning of the season and honing their form. My form is clearly unknown to most so getting me into meets at the halfway point of the season is a difficult task for my race agent. Meeting directors like having a performance from less than a week ago in order to ratify current form.

I’m strong, fit and upbeat and relishing my next race, which is the England Championships. 1-2 August 2015.

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